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Re: ABC™ Treatment

I received my first treatment 3-6-00 at the North City Chiropractic Health Clinic from Dr.Cheri Markos. Since that date I have gone twice each week. I have been declining with multiple sclerosis and all the various symptoms since 1988. I have tried many treatments for relief and have been on Avonex since 1996. 1 have not seen any significant results or have had any real relief. Main stream doctors and naturopaths have no solutions.

My symptoms and disabilities have become more of a challenge in the past 5 years. I now know I have crossed over to secondary progressive.

After the very first treatment from Dr. Markos the results were amazing. There was no waiting period to see if there would be any results. It was immediate. Ever since that initial visit I notice more and more of my body coining back to me. My balance, strength, energy and mobility, to name just a few, have improved dramatically. I can now bend over and pick up things with bent legs without falling, I feel so much stronger and stable. I can look around without experiencing significant vertigo, a real bonus!!!!!!!

I could really go on and on. The bottom line is that the ABC™ treatment provided by Dr. Markos works. It has worked for everyone that has received the treatment. I have referred a couple of people who also have seen immediate and dramatic results. Even those patients who have a lot more disability than myself

I would like to recommend that anyone who has MS go for treatment from Dr. Markos. The results are staggering!! ! ! I !!! I wish I could go on national news and let the whole country know.

Katherine Bursert

Here are the results of patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For more data on the reason this works so well with MS and other do-called "neurological disease" cases please see the article, Neurological Diseases or Mechanical Pathology (which can be addressed and improved).

Advanced BioStructural Therapy™ February 23, 2000

My name is Larry Conaway, I was DX with MS in August 1996, at the age if 50. I was DX with primary progressive, and at this time the VA put on a bunch of meds. Dr. Markos has been treating me off and on for the last two years. About six months ago I lost the ability to raise my left leg that Dr. Markos was able to keep working it for one and half years.

Dr. Markos learned the Advanced BioStructural Therapy™ now called Advanced BioStructural Correction™) and then asked me if I wanted to try this new procedure. I am always ready to try anything new that would help people with MS. Then I started the ABC™ with DR. Markos on February 16, 20000.

Since then I have had three appointments, on the 18th, 21st, and the 24th .

The first appointment was like a miracle to me. After my very first session I could stand up straight and walk more stable, bend over from the waist and pick up objects off the floor and stand back up again, walk down stairs with less worry of my left knee giving out, and no back pain, which I have had for the last three years. I have only noticed a moderate improvement while walking up the stairs.

I noticed that when I walk, that my left leg does not hyperextend backwards. This has relieved the pain that I have been getting around my patella. The VA was about to make me a knee brace for that knee and now I don't think that I will need it.

When I walk forward, my left leg will bend forward at the knee and it has not done that for about two years. I can swing my left leg forward and now when I walk that makes it easier to walk smoothly. I can also turn around while standing up without having to hold onto a wall or other balance object and this is at a fast rate of turning.

My left foot has been a floppy foot since I was DX with MS back in August of 1996, and now I can hold it up as I walk and that keeps me from having to drag it along, and that keeps me from tripping over it also.

I noticed that I can now stand on either leg while resting the other one. My legs do not get fatigued as fast as before the procedure. I have been able to stand on my legs for a longer time with out having to sit down.

I find that it is a lot easier to get in and out of the shower. I can spend more time in the shower without my legs getting tired. I can bend over and get the soap with out worrying about falling down.

I am finding it easier to get dressed and undressed, and putting on my shoes is a snap now.

Working in the kitchen making dinner or just getting my coffee is easier now also. I think that this is a great benefit to be able to do what I need to do in the kitchen.

I now spend less time in my wheel chair and more time on my feet.

I have noticed that before my appointment on the 24th, that my head and neck were further forward and that my body has started to slump forward. After the treatment, I noticed that I was no longer slumped forward and my shoulders were back. I did notice that my left hip seemed to be lower than it was after the first treatment. I am now back at the point of the first appointment and the above descriptions.

February 26th, 2000: I noticed that I was leaning to the left and a little slumped forward since the last adjustment and Dr. Markos adjusted it back so that I was standing up straight again. At this appointment, we started ABC™ procedure on my friend Mark Wheat. I helped DR. Markos with this by being the camera man. At first I found it hard to stand and hold the camera for a long period of time and hold it steady too. Then after do this for a few minutes I was able to settle down and even hold the camera steadier. This was hard for me while I was standing with just one eye open and the other eye in the view finder. It took a couple of minutes and then my body got trained, as far as holding the camera steady and moving with one eye shut, to filming the procedure. I could stand and move with the camera and hold it fairly steady at this point.

I also stopped taking Baclofen and now I am waiting to see if I need to keep taking it or not.


Catherine Sykes Seattle, WA

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ With Dr. Markos began March 1 5. 2000.

The following physical capabilities began to occur after treatment.

I use a walker or am assisted by someone in public because my balance is poor and my left leg is weak, when at home I use a cane or wall walk.

I am able to breathe deeply for the first time in years. My body feels less stiff arid more open. I am able to make the transition from barefoot to AFO & arch supports much easier.

3/1 7
I am sleeping 10 hrs at night w/ 1 hr naps.

I am able to stand straight and up right with my shoulders back, I am no longer hunched over. The left leg has an AFO but I have noticed it collapsing on me.

I can stand up straight without holding on to anything or using my arms for balance, I can flail them about w/o being thrown off balance.

My feet, calves and arches ache and I noticed I am sleeping 10 hrs w/ naps.

I feel stiff, very emotional & crying all day.

I was in my barefoot and bent down to pick up a bowl off the floor w/o planning how I was going to manage this endeavor. It just happened! I have noticed the warmth returning to my feet and hands. I can walk better w/o my AFO and support.

My walking flows and is less choppy. I am able to stand up straight with my hands clasped in front to my chest or abdomen. I do not have to hold on to anything or use my arms for balance.

My hands and feet are warm / I had a massage and feel so much better.

I can feel the arches in my feet, as though they are returning to me.

My dog(70 Ibs) began laying on my legs, I could feel exactly where he was and feel his paws as he raced over my shins and jumped off the bed. Before I would just feel a weighted mass at my legs and was unable to distinguish it, this all occurred w/o looking at what was happening to my legs.

My left leg is weaker than the right but I have noticed that I am able to bare weight equally on both legs w/o favoring to the left or having it collapse on me. I am able to take 5 steps w/o using my cane or wall walking, this all occurred in my barefoot. (I hyper extended my left leg )

My AFO and supports were bothering me so I took them out, I barely noticed they weren’t in when my left foot did turn out, I was tired and needed to rest. I tried this for only 4 hrs today.

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