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Other Techniques and Inconsistencies  

      I have been asked to comment about other techniques.  I do not like to negative comments about others to boost what I am proposing so I will note other techniques and their inconsistencies with known data FOR YOU TO OBSERVE. After that I will make my comments.

     Before that:

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     I note the data on other methods so you can evaluate for them yourself as well as listening/reading my evaluations. Contrary to teachers or developers of methods who tell you not to think but just take what they say for granted, I insist you observe for yourself and come to your own conclusions.  You should not be saying, Dr. Jutkowitz says...   You should be saying, I tested this in my office and the results were consistently what Dr. Jutkowitz promised.

      The difference between a good CLINICAL  datum and a good RESEARCH data are important to note so you should probably read the two paragraphs below before you go on. Chiropractic BioPhysics is on this page below Pettibon is below that, for Koren click here.

      Regarding CLINICAL data:  If something works on 30, 40 or 50% of the people on which it is used it might be a good CLINICAL datum because you can try it and if it does not work as you want, you can do something else. In the clinic even something that works on 5% of people can be valuable if your patient is one of those 5%. However, RESEARCH data is different.

      To understand why RESEARCH data is different you must understand what is being researched.  In Chiropractic or any structural healthcare discipline, structural research is oriented to the exact basic reason body structures become deranged or misaligned. Failures in research have led to many theories about nerves, muscles and ligaments but these are all explanations to account for failures in researching/finding the basic reason body structures become mechanically deranged.

      Let me remind you that anything fully understood is very simple. When people start getting into long explanations to account for exceptions to what they are giving as a theory, you can be assured that what they are saying does not work consistently as a theory and is therefore not the basic theory they are claiming it is.

      A for instance is when someone claims to be able to get a result and then doesn't.

Chiropractic BioPhysics is here Pettibon is below, for Koren click here
for Clear Institute click here

     The technique doctors ask about most in comparison to ABC is Chiropractic BioPhysics so I will cover that one first.

     The basis of CBP is that as Dr. Breig wrote and did experiments to physically demonstrate, when the spinal column is flexed AT ANY POINT, it leads to stretching of the spinal cord and brainstem. The stretching causes the ill effects on the nervous system that is discussed in chiropractic, osteopathy and other structural healthcare methods.  Dr. Breig was the first to note it was STRETCHING of the nerves and not "pinching" of the nerves that causes a problem. This has been confirmed by Yamada and others doing dual laser spectrophotometry on live human subjects as well as animal subjects. 

Breig wrote and showed these experiments on fresh cadavers and live subjects in Adverse Mechanical Tension in the Central Nervous System in 1978. After a further decade of research in 1989 he published Skull Traction and Cervical Cord Injuries showing the further research and confirmation of his original work.)   As stated, ALL these things have been confirmed recently by Yamada and Lonser in Adult Tethered Cord Syndrome. (click here for abstract and discussion) to go look at this. It is one of the most important works relating to chiropractic, structural healthcare and nerve function you will find anywhere in the world.

      First is to note that Dr. Breig made no assertions without physical experiments on fresh specimen cadavers (not preserved so the tissues were not altered as you saw in your dissection labs) and live subjects (from his neurosurgery) to back them up.
     Next, is to note that Dr. Breig had no theories he was trying to prove or disprove. He was just trying to see what happened mechanically in the body and made discoveries. Dr. Breig found that bringing bodies into slight extension resulted in a shortening of the spinal canal and l reduced tension on the cord and brainstem.

    Breig noted that though the ENTIRE spinal cord and brainstem stretched when ANY PART OF THE SPINAL COLUMN is flexed, the greatest change in spinal cord length is during flexion and extension of the cervical spine. Therefore, the way Dr. Breig handled patients with everything from disc conditions to degenerative conditions of the central nervous system with excellent results (even Multiple Sclerosis and the like) was to screw a plastic ribbon into the base of their occiput, thread it down below the skin to the midthoracic region, pull the head a bit into extension and tie it off in the thoracic spinouses at that point. Generally illustrated below with a picture from his text below that.








Line Callout 1: This is the ribbon under the skin that holds the head and neck in slight extension.
Line Callout 1: The arrows depict the reduction in cord length when the head is pulled into slight extension.
Line Callout 1: This is the direction of cord and brainstem stretch when the spinal column is stuck in a  forward position.







As you can see, the ribbon has the effect of pulling the cervical column back into extension. This results in slackening of the cord, tension off the cord and brainstem, which lets the nerves in the cord and even peripheral nerves attached to the cord, function as they are supposed to function -- as was stated by Breig and has now been proven by Yamada. Taking the tension off the cord is why it does not matter if there are disc protrusions. Cord and nerves slack, no pulling/stretching of the nerves over the disc = no symptoms or difficulties.  What was missed by CBP creator Harrison is mechanical


      What was missed by CBP creator Harrison, is the mechanical nature of the EXTERNAL support provided by the ribbon AND the fact that Breig showed in numerous experiments that ANY PART OF THE SPINE put into flexion causes axial stretch on the cord and brainstem EVERYWHERE from head to tail, though the focus at any one point depends upon the overall mechanics.
       There is a very large mechanical difference between the external support provided by by the ribbon and trying to force the cervical spine into extension using traction on the head and P-to-A adjusting on the upper thoracic spine (which forces flexion there). The missed observation of the mechanical nature of the external support is a biggie, BUT the fact that not taking into account the effects of the adjusting toward the anterior on other parts of the spinal column which creates flexion, could be more important than the effects on the cervical spine. (This missed observation is the reason CBP practitioners will often have an "improved" cervical curve but increased neurologic symptoms in certain types of patients. The basic premise of CBP could not be true if this combination of improved cervical curve and worse neuologics occurs even once.)

        Breig himself makes this very clear in his work, noting that the entire spine works as a single unit and looking at one section will only get you in trouble. (occasion what CBP says to do will work -- which is one of the biggest problems -- since it works sometimes but not always, one makes the mistake of thinking the basic premise is valid though there is actually some other factor at work unknown to the Harrisons.)

      For all his talk of "global" changes, Harrison has really only focused on one area. The premise is incorrect. I noted this for him in 1995 along with the mathematics for him to discover the ABC principles on his own. I still have his return letter telling me I misused the principles of calculus. BUT now Harrison is measuring full spine and moments of inertia of the vertebrae. Exactly what he told me was a misuse of the principles of calculus and physics.

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     For all his personality disagreeable traits Harrison is following and objective line of research so he will eventually get to where ABC already arrived. The reason my research was refused publication throughout the 1980's and 1990's was that it included some of the full spine films you see on this site -- anyone of which invalidates all the theories (but not the practical results) of structural healthcare out there today.

      It is a case of what someone thought (Harrison thinking that forcing the head into extension will slacken the cord and brainstem) is not the same as what actually happens in the physical world. Breig specifically notes why you do not do hyperextension on the head and neck and on page 231 notes the damage that can be caused by it, or hyperextension in a dental chair, is the same as a hyperextension injury only differing in rate of onset of damage/symptoms.  This is why so many docs tell me about greater neurological symptoms after CBP in quite a few cases. The reason it does not happen more often is that, unlike dentists, those using hyperextension traction are not knocking people out so patients who get dizziness, pain or numbness (absolute signs of brain stem compression and possible neurologic damage) refuse to do the traction.

      Breig noted that all his experiments showed you must consider that the entire spine is a single synchronized unit tied together by the meninges running from the coccyx to the skull and only firmly attached at the skull and coccyx -- the dentate ligaments are more like bungees allowing the cord to move around in the neural canal -- because the meninges transfer the stress INSTANTLY throughout the entire system.  Breig also specifically noted that column could thus could not be considered as separate sections, cervical thoracic and lumbar without completely missing the actual effects of any treatment.   (This single synchronized unit was in Breig's book as a major observation about the functioning of the column in fresh cadavers, live specimen animals as well as humans.)

      This is another missed observation, what are the effects of the adjusting on other parts of the spinal column. Harrison doesn't know because he did not look. What about people whose cervical spines come back into a lordosis from a kyphosis yet their arm is still numb or more numb than before? CBP cannot answer what occurred in the rest of the spine because for all the talk of "global change" they do not x-ray the entire spine. It is a set of missed observations.  (This relates to those people docs tell me have better cervical curves after the adjusting but whose neurological symptoms are worse.)

     I could go much further but these basic missed observations in basic theory are enough to invalidate the basic premise of CBP. I will note however, that I wrote Harrison about ABC in 1995, including the entire basis. I have that letter and the return telling me that you cannot measure curves of the spinal column and use calculus to make determinations of function as I have done -- and he is now coming around to doing because he has no choice if he will follow and objective line of research. I will also note that for all his personality quirks, Don Harrison is indeed following an objective line of research and will have to eventually come to all the points I have found that make up the observations of ABC and the resultant treatments to correct bodies.  For you as a doc in clinical practice I ask, Why wait?

       Call 203 366-2746 today and learn the first rib maneuver. You will change your posture and the posture of others more in a minute or two than you can do with CBP in months.

The next thing to read is here: Axioms of body structure correction page (click here)


Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

      In 1996 Dr. Pettibon, in his writings, talked of ligaments stretched out of place by plastic deformation that allows the bones to move out of position then, after you do an adjustment, somehow instantly not being deformed when you put the bone back into position.

     I sent him a letter about it and several other things. In 1997 he had totally reworked his technique and had a bunch of equipment for you to buy. Some of these things always have equipment for you to buy....

     In August 2000, at the behest of Doctors Pete Higartner, Matt Erickson and a few others, I called Dr. Pettibon. His basic statement was that he did not really care as all the technique guys stole from each other as Harrison had from him. He asked me to send him the ABC stuff so he could incorporate it into Pettibon. This outlook shocked me and I ended the conversation.

     Since that time Pettibon has moved more and more toward what ABC teaches but without the results being consistent and predictable.

     Even Dr. Dennis Woggin stopped doing it after attending and ABC seminar and seeing the changes in minutes that Pettibon could only occasionally get in months.

     In 2004 I received this from one of the former Pettibon docs:

     Check out this piece of equipment that Dr. Pettibon created.  It never existed when I used Pettibon.  Now he purports to correct the upper dorsal spine with an A-P drop adjusting apparatus.  I am confident he stole your idea and now he is teaching it and making money from it.  I am telling you he never ever discussed adjusting the upper dorsals A-to-P before that.  He used an adjusting instrument and adjusted the cervical and upper dorsals P-to-A.  Also, he adjusted the upper dorsal P-to-A with a palm move (basically a diversified P-A release on the rib heads).  The only thing close to adjusting A-P was that he used the -Z apparatus to adjust A-P in the cervical spine (not the thoracic). 

     Also, I talked to Mark (Name omitted) yesterday, he told me that Burl is now using a Crane Condyle type lift to release the meninges (I have not yet confirmed this).  What is really funny is that almost 6 years ago I was sitting next to Burl at lunch after a seminar in Atlanta GA.  It was on a Sunday to be specific.  I point blank asked him about the Crane Condyle lifts (and I was sitting right next to him when I asked) vs. his Y axis adjustments.  He said something to the effect that they hurt people and now he is using them, seems he is a liar.

More with specifics but omitted here. Then:

     All that being said, I have to laugh.  Burl in a letter (I forwarded to you in the past), claimed that ABC was inferior to what you are doing and now he is taking your research and stealing it and integrating it into his work and calling it Pettibon.

  My only comment is, why get data second-hand? Get the At-Home ABC seminar,Learn Advanced BioStructural Correction, use it and find out for yourself.




It has been said that one sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome.
If you are using the same methods of correcting your
 (or patients') bodies without getting the results you
 want, it is time to look into other things.
Advanced BioStructural Correction is most certainly the thing you should look into from this point forward


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